Over 2 our of every 3 adults in America use dietary supplements, so says a survey done by the Council for Responsible Nutrition based on a survey of more than 2000 people. The supplement most taken is mullti-vitamins, and further research from the Vitamin Shoppe shows 72 percent of the supplements taken are multi-vitamins.

A daily dose of regular multi-vitamins gives you protection against having any type of nutritional deficiency. However, if you take a higher dose type of multi-vitamin you can up that result to have the best possible health. Which could translate into you being more energetic, less stressed and higher alertness. Or, it could mean you feel much better in general.

Multivitamins help fill in for a nutritional deficiency, says the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Since most people wouldn’t know which precise nutrient or vitamin they could be deficient in, if they take a multivitamin then they are covered for any gap.

Most Americans have a horrible diet that has a lot of calories and not many nutrients, so taking a multivitamin is a great way to fill in the blanks for better nutrition that doesn’t have a single extra calorie.

Bonus advantage—Research shows multivitamins have several precise benefits for users, which includes:

Fewer Hunger Pangs, Larger Loss of Weight

Women who take a multivitamin are shown to have fewer hunger pangs while attempting to lose weight via a dieting and exercising plan, while men taking multivitamins and on a diet program had a larger loss of weight, according to a study in Canada in the British Journal of Nutrition. Scientists discovered understated shortfalls of several kinds of nutrients that could cause interference with the hormones which usually turn off hunger throughout and after eating a meal, but taking a multivitamin can help solve that issue.

Aging Slows Down

Research involving nearly 600 women, which was announced in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed the cells of people taking multivitamins daily were actually younger and had lower amounts of DNA damage due to aging in comparison to the cells of people who don’t use them. An identical kind of study hasn’t been run using men.

Memory is Better

An examination into ten previous researches, that covered 3,200 males and females showed multivitamins improve the taker’s memory. Plus, men taking them were more alert and in better health. The study examination appeared in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Lower rates of Cancer

A Physicians’ Health Study containing about 15,000 male doctors ran for about eleven years. It showed the ones who took  multivitamins had a 12% less chance of getting any kind of cancer except prostate cancer, and prostate cancer is usually not as threatening to life as other types of cancers.

Less Heart Disease Deaths

Amongst over 77,000 middle-aged and older males and females living in Washington state who took multivitamins (even the lower dose kind) for ten years had a 16% reduced risk of dying due to heart disease, says a study appearing in the American Journal of Epidemiology. If they took over 320 IU of vitamin E every day, which is what’s in a lot of higher dose multivitamins, the risk reduced to only 28%.

Healthier Infants

Studies tracking over 43K of pregnant women discovered the ones taking multivitamins both during and prior to getting pregnant had less chance of their infants being low weight or premature at birth. Children who face either of those issues are more at risk for several diseases in their lifespan. This study results appeared in various scientific journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Read the label of any dietary supplement and you’ll see the facts section list the supplement’s “Percent Daily Value,” or “the percentage of DV,” which will give you vital info. The FDA determines the Daily Value as “the adequate quantity of each nutrient needed to avert deficiencies. This value designates the percentage of that quantity.” Regular lower dose multivitamins have only 100 percent of the DV of the required vitamins for good health, as well as some assorted minerals.

Though, for top health, a lot of experts who are skilled in nutrition believe people require doses that are much higher in some of these nutrients. For instance, Vitamin C’s DV is 60 mg, however, these experts recommend we take 500 mg or more. Thiamin or Vitamin B1’s DV is a mere 1.7 mg, however for top goo health, they say we should take 25 mg or higher. If an asterisk appears on the label, it designates the FDA doesn’t have an established DV for that particular nutrient.

If you merely desire preventing a deficiency in nutrients, you can take a lower dose multivitamin and get 100 percent of the DVs that will work to that goal. However, if you want top good health, you should take a higher dose type of multivitamin.

Products for top good health include: Doctors skilled in nutrition normally say we should be taking the following amount of the chief nutrients: 800 to 1000 IU for vitamin D, 25 or higher milligrams of the B vitamins (note, B12 is measured in mcgs), 500 milligrams of vitamin C; along with 200 mcg of chromium (great to control blood sugar as well as cravings); as well as the mixed tocopherol type of vitamin E, (type found naturally). A daily serving means taking more than a single pill.

Your individual circumstances: Vitamins are designed to meet specific circumstances, i.e. pregnancy, timeframe nearing menopause, along with menopause and afterward, as well as health for males, energy rates and recovery designed for athletes, contradicting stress, and also increasing energy. Multivitamins are likewise created for kids and teenagers. Multivitamins containing iron are likely good for females of childbearing age, or if they have a blood test showing their iron levels are too low.

Outside vitamins and minerals: High dose multivitamins could comprise additional kinds of nutrients, to include enzymes (like papain) as well as  probiotics (like acidophilus) for improving absorption; along with amino acids to care for muscles and other kinds of lean tissues; as well as other antioxidants to offset toxins and the aging process; as well as herbs and additional natural ingredients to deliver targeted assistances, like chlorella (which is a kind of algae) to eliminate toxins and make cellular repair more efficient or they could contain bee pollen for greater energy.

Ways to get supreme benefits: Take a multivitamin every day as a habit, as the supreme benefits are derived from steady usage. For top absorption, divide your daily dose into 2 or 3 separate doses, as you do with meals. Multivitamins should always be consumed at meals, beginning at breakfast-time. They should be stored somewhere that’s cool and dry, not in a cupboard in your bathroom. Plus, if you are on prescription medicines, ask your physician about possible interactions.